Spring 2020 Call for Papers: Intersection

Theme: Equity in assessment, part 2

We are looking to present our readers with examples of successful strategies for increasing equity in assessment including, but not limited to, implementation of culturally responsive assessment practices, means for increasing cultural competence in assessment, and strategies for discussing equity in assessment with campus assessment partners/stakeholders. Please consider sharing your successful assessment processes to assist your AALHE colleagues in this important endeavor.

Proposal Submissions

General Guidelines: Articles should be 700-2100 words and of general interest to assessment professionals. The emphasis is on readability over technical details, although the use of statistics is not discouraged. APA style should be used for citations. Submissions should not be used to market specific products.

All submissions should be sent to the Editor in-Chief, Kathleen Gorski, Ed.D., at [email protected]

Deadline for articles for the Spring 2020 edition is March 15, 2020.

See our Intersection page for more details.