AALHE Institutional Membership Project Announcement

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The scope of the Institutional Membership Project is to provide a unique professional development opportunity for up to (2) member institutions to garner support from AALHE to conduct an internal research project. Participants may select from the following two options:

  1. Develop and implement a project designed to foster the integration of curriculum and instructional planning with the assessment process
  2. Develop and implement a project of specific interest to the institution related to the assessment of student learning.



Project Coach:

AALHE will recruit a project coach to work with each institution participating in the project. The coach provides one hour per month to discuss the project with the institutional team and will devote three-four hours of preparation prior to each meeting.

Project manager:

Each institution will assign a project manager/lead for their project team. The project manager is responsible for communicating with the project coach to ensure the coach is adequately prepared in advance to discuss agenda items at each monthly meeting.

AALHE Institutional members*

Institutional Membership Project participants collectively discuss issues/challenges, update with others either monthly or bi-monthly. Some update meetings could be opened to the full AALHE membership to help generate ideas, keep members apprised of the projects, and potentially generate interest for becoming an institutional member. Updates also will appear in two or three AALHE Monthly Newsletters.

* Refer to the Project application form for more details.


  • Prior to start: The deadline for submission of applications has been extended until March 11 at 11:59 CST. 
  • Months 1-2: Project planning -including conference
  • Months 4-12: Project implementation
  • End of year: Project update shared in AALHE newsletter and/or AALHE website.

Required deliverables

  1. Submit a finalized project plan to the AALHE committee by October 15 following project acceptance summarizing the work that has been completed to date and outlining the next steps of the project. The implementation of this project should begin no later than the spring semester. Highlights from this project plan will be publicized in the AALHE Newsletter.
  2. Submit a two-page reflection after implementation that is available to AALHE members documenting a description of the project, how the topic or challenge was addressed, and the successes and challenges along the way. Please specifically address how the outcomes of this project could benefit other institutions. This reflection is intended to provide information to colleagues who are interested in implementing a similar plan at their institutions. may be experiencing a similar challenge or issue.

Other opportunities

  • Submit a proposal to present at the upcoming AALHE conference or facilitate an AALHE webinar based on the project details, successes, and challenges.
  • Submit an article for potential publication in the Intersection OR Emerging Dialogues at the one year of implementation mark of the project (spring or summer, subject to acceptance and peer review).

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