2021 Post-Conference Learning Series: Exemplars, Encores, and Enigmas

Post-Conference E3 Learning Series

To support in-depth learning on influential topics in the field of assessment, AALHE is excited to announce the 2021 Post-Conference E3 Learning Series: Exemplars, Encores, and Enigmas. The series features two-hour workshops and one hour webinars taking place between September and December 2021.

This Post-Conference Learning Series is an opportunity to further the learning from the AALHE 2021 Online Conference and is a continuation of the 2021 Conference Theme: Exemplars, Encores, and Enigmas.

Exemplars: Theory-into-practice presentations to support the assessment community. These sessions will include conversations on established promising practices and valuable examples for practitioners.

Encores: Timely, meaningful, or otherwise notable presentations and conversations that merit revisiting. These sessions may include previous projects that can be expanded; conversations worth having again with a broader audience; and/or replicated assessment results, adjusted processes, or revisited studies.

Enigmas: Questions and theoretical explorations of assessment’s effect on institutions, learners, and the world. These sessions may include research on new innovations, not-as-of-yet-best practices, or proposed solutions to problems assessment practitioners face in the new normal.

Below is a listing of all the upcoming sessions in the E3 Post-Conference Learning Series. Registration is open for select sessions and additional sessions will be scheduled soon!

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Road to Equity in Assessment - Encore Workshop

December 1 | 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Eastern

$50 for members; $65 for non-members

Divya Bheda, Gianina Baker, Wendy Crocker, Gavin Henning, Natasha Jankowski, Erick Montenegro, Mamta Saxena, & Karen Singer-Freeman

Equity in assessment can differ depending on individual and institutional perspectives as well as situational context. Sometimes what is needed is a safe space to engage in conversations about what can be done to advance equity work. In this interactive, problem-based, 2-hour workshop participants will discuss the challenges they are encountering when integrating equity in assessment in their particular context. The facilitators will offer consultation, feedback, and concrete strategies to address the specific challenges described. Come with your challenges and get ready for a robust, engaging conversation.


Past E3 Sessions

Faculty Engagement in Assessment: Enigma Workshop

October 18 | 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Eastern 

Kathleen Barnes, Eric Bostwick, Ilaria De Santis, Joe Levy, Karen Tarnoff, & Catherine Wehlburg

This two-hour workshop invites participants to share experiences with faculty resistance to assessment, consider self-determination theory as a framework for understanding faculty perspectives on assessment, and examine exemplars in faculty involvement.


Preparing reports on curricular and co-curricular assessment: Tools to strengthen and simplify accreditation reports: Enigma Workshop

November 15 | 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Eastern

Frederick Burrack, Charlie Potts, Amy Jo Svirsky, Chris Vanderloo

Participants in this two-hour workshop will learn how to use Canvas Assessment Tools with Automated Data Collection into Power BI to present curricular findings and how to incorporate self-assessment into co-curricular assessment practice and reporting.



Questions about the AALHE 2021 Post-Conference E3 Learning Series? Contact [email protected].