Committee Information

The charter of each Committee is approved by the Board and the general descriptions and responsibilities of each Committee is included in the Association Bylaws. Committees are comprised of volunteers and are led by Chairs with the support of Board Liaisons. Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Board Liaisons of the Committees transition leadership annually in July. The names, descriptions, and leadership of each active Committee are listed below.

Volunteer on a Committee

The AALHE volunteer community is an active group of assessment professionals around the nation who come together to share their knowledge and gain experience in their field. As a volunteer, you can make valuable professional connections, learn new skills, and help AALHE continually improve. The Committees are actively recruiting volunteers for the August 2023-June 2024 year. Learn more about volunteering on an AALHE Committee and sign up on the AALHE Volunteer Form

Volunteer on an AALHE Committee


Active Committees 2023-2024


Chair: Constance Tucker
Board Liaison: Tim Melvin

The Conference Committee makes recommendations for the conference experience, supports the proposal process, and plans activities to engage conference attendees.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Chair: Karen White-Goyzueta
Vice Chair: Joel Farrell
Board Liaison: Shannon Milligan

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee shall work to promote principles and practices related to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization and the assessment field at large.

Member Webinar Committee

Chair: Kim Fath
Vice Chair: Bobbijo Pennelli
Board Liaison: Fiona Chrystall

The Member Webinar Committee shall offer professional Development opportunities outside the annual conference.

Emerging Dialogues Committee

Chair: Sarah Southwick
Vice Chair:  Bri Lauka
Board Liaison:  Gina {Polychonopoulos

The Emerging Dialogues Committee shall coordinate and publish original or responsive articles that discuss the challenges that higher education professionals face.

Intersection Committee

Chair: Sarah Wu
Vice Chair:  Calli Holaway
Board Liaison:  Rebecca Gibbons

The Intersection Committee shall coordinate and publish peer-reviewed articles focused on student learning assessment in higher education for professional development and the advancement of knowledge through scholarship. Committee members are expected to review or edit manuscripts. (To have full engagement and obtain reviewer/editor training, we encourage volunteers to join this committee at the beginning of the academic year, no later than October each year)

Assessment Learning Exchange

Co-Chair: Yao Hill
Co-Chair: Chadd Engel
Board Liaison: Fiona Chrystall

The Assessment Learning Exchange (ALE) Committee shall plan and implement synchronous online discussions on topics of interest to members.

SPARK Discussions

Chair: Reem Jaafar
Vice Chair: TBD
Board Liaison: Fiona Chrystall

SPARK (formerly Book Club) organizes and hosts book discussions for AALHE members.  

Member Engagement

Chair: Christina Dryden  
Vice Chair: Cecelia Martin
Board Liaisons: Kara Moloney & Karen White-Goyzueta

The Membership Engagement Committee shall consult on survey design and construction; analyze and summarize data that pertain to member engagement; and provide the Board evidence-informed recommendations to enhance the value of membership. The committee shall develop, deliver, and/or facilitate activities and opportunities to welcome new members; foster engagement; and cultivate community for all members.