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Donations made to the General AALHE Fund will be used to strengthen the organization, improve the annual conference, and increase benefits to our members. Additionally, donors may elect to give to the Graduate Student Fund to contribute to the Graduate Student Travel Award. 

The Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE) is incorporated as a non-profit entity in the state of Kentucky (January 2010) and is a tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.

Graduate Student Travel Award

AALHE offers graduate student travel assistance because developing the next generation of assessment practitioners is one of our strategic goals. Assistance will vary and is available only to full-time graduate students to cover up to $1000 of reimbursable transportation and lodging expenses; in addition, assistance includes a conference fee waiver. The number of students who receive assistance is dependent on contributions to the Graduate Student Travel Assistance Program fund (donate today!).

We will take the following into consideration when reviewing applications (listed in no particular order):

  • Duration of student’s attendance at the conference.
  • Whether the student is the first author/presenter and the type of presentation (symposium, presentation, dialogue or skill/building, poster).
  • Statement of assessment experiences (max 400 words)
  • Explanation of how presenting and attending the conference will enhance the student’s work in assessment (max 400 words)
  • A faculty member’s letter of support that includes a statement verifying full-time graduate student status in an accredited advanced degree program
  1. Current AALHE student member in good standing
  2. Full-time student in an accredited, advanced-degree program
  3. Submission of a conference proposal by the proposal deadline (students may submit the Travel Assistance Application
  4. before proposal acceptance has been received).
  5. Completion of the online application: Travel Assistance Application
  6. before proposal acceptance has been received).
  7. Submission of a faculty member’s letter of support, including a statement verifying student status. The faculty should email the letter to [email protected]
Reimbursable expenses include the following:
  • Transportation to/from the conference location (e.g., economy airfare, mileage)
  • Hotel parking if using own vehicle
  • Lodging

Please note that the conference proposal and the travel assistance application processes are separate and require two actions. (1) Conference proposals are submitted online and are due in January. (2) To apply for travel assistance, complete the online application form and have a faculty member email a letter of support, including a statement verifying full-time student status, to [email protected].


See the current conference pages for information on this year's application deadlines.